Please Note: Full legal details of the various licenses are available prior to purchase.

All prices are inclusive of GST.


6 Month Image License $ 33 

Multiple use of a single image in a variety of media for six months.

Under this license you can use the image on your website, in your newsletter, in seasonal advertising and marketing campaigns all at the same time. Also perfect for promotions, flyers, conferences, launches, tv and newspaper advertising. Highly recommended for refreshing your website and bi yearly advertising such as Summer Breaks or Winter Breaks brochures.

BENEFIT: You can revisit the Perth Photo & Image Library and update or change your “projected look” more regularly. Don’t pay high photographic prices for short term advertising !


12 Month Image License Fee   $55

Multiple use of a single image in a variety of media for one year. Suitable for annual magazine advertising, yearly campaigns, long term promotions and international strategies.

We will alert you in the lead up to your expiry date. If required we can invoice you for another period with the same photos or you can swap them over with fresh photos.

If a large number of images are purchased we may need to post them out to you on disc. Postal rates and a $1.00 service fee will be added to your purchase.


One Time Printed Use (no online publishing) $ 165

The right to reproduce the purchased image on up to 100 thousand copies of a single printed article. 


Unlimited Online Use (no printing) $ 275

Unlimited use online only. You are not allowed to print.


Marketing License Unrestricted   $ 495

Multiple use of a single image in all types of marketing material/products both online and in print, including permission to use the image on marketing goods that can be on-sold ( ie mouse pads, tshirts, cups). Recommended for long term strategies. 

Exception: Not to be used to on sell photographic art prints (artwork). Recommended for long term strategies.


Exclusive License (time period & price to be negotiated)

Under this agreement one selected photo is removed from the Library during the purchase period so it cannot be purchased again. Under this license, Perth Photo and Image Library will advise the potential purchaser if the photo is in current use and its current expiry dates.

BENEFIT: No other business can purchase the same photo during your marketing period. TIP: Please advise us well ahead of your marketing requirement dates to ensure we can help you with your exclusivity.

Please Note Exclusive: While Perth Photo & Image  Library will endeavour to do its best to advise the purchaser and maximise the exclusive time frame, under this license the purchaser agrees not to hold Perth Photo and Image Library responsible for incidents in which the photo or image appears in marketing material from another business during the exclusivity period because it was purchased prior to the exclusivity being granted. 

Prices differ depending on the image. Please email us at


Full Ownership

You may negotiate for a photo to own the sole copyright. Please email us the photo code and title. Please Note: The photo you wish to own may already be in use in the marketplace for a limited time. 


Personal Use: Negotiable

Please call or email us if you would like to use any of our photos for personal use. Personal use is for non-commercial use such as for charity, desktop computer wall paper or the like.