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1.1 Ownership of all photos/images and intellectual property on this website,, belongs to Perth Photo & Image Library. As such, all photos and images on this site are covered by strict copyright laws and can only be used on purchase of a license with, and payment to, Perth Photo & Image Library.

1.2 While photos/images may be issued ahead of payment, they will not be issued until the purchaser or purchaser’s representative (in case of a business or company) has acknowledged they fully understand and will comply to all conditions of the License, Copyright and Terms of Use as outlined on this website and, by payment, further acknowledge agreement to the License Terms and Conditions issued with the invoice.

1.3 License Conditions: In addition to adhering to the particular License conditions which you purchase, you agree not to on-sell, profiteer or proliferate or share photos or images from this site.

1.4 You agree not to download photos from the website without having purchased the said image or received written approval from Perth Photo & Image Library management.

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N.B. Purchasers wishing to crop or edit a photo or image in some way must obtain permission from management at Perth Photo & Image Library. This is in addition to obtaining a License.

1.7 Thumbnails: Thumbnails are provided so you can quickly and easily flow through our library and source the best shots suited to your purpose. Please be aware that thumbnails are also covered by strict copyright laws. By viewing the thumbnails displayed on this website you agree not to download or use these thumbnail photo/images in anyway whatsoever.


2.1 Buying: Once you have selected which photo/image you would like to buy, decide which License is appropriate to your needs on the Buying page. Go to our Buy Now button and complete the electronic form. You must acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to comply with all Terms and Conditions relating to copyright, license and use. Please note delays may, and can, occur. While we will endeavour to finalise arrangements quickly, Perth Photo & Image Library accepts no liability or responsibility in delays regardless of reason or length of time.

2.2 Payment Methods: We accept major credit cards and Paypal. All photos purchased will have GST added to the fee in line with Australian Taxation Laws. International businesses and residents are exempt from this tax.

2.3 Extra Fees: Perth Photo & Image Library operates on trust and will send your photo/image ahead of payment if you opt to contact us and purchase via direct email. However, payment is expected within 14 days from the issue of the photo/image or an additional $17.50 administration fee may be charged.

2.4. Postage: If your requirements require the photos/images on disc please note applicable postage rates will apply and a $1.00 service fee will be incurred. While we are time conscious, please allow adequate time to send the disc to you in case of postal delays. Extra postage fees will be calculated for international orders.


3.1 By purchasing photos or images from Perth Photo & Image Library through their website,, you (the purchaser) agree to abide by the terms and conditions on use of the said photo/s and or image/s. You further acknowledge that your use will be restricted as per the license agreement issued by Perth Photo and Image Library at the time of your purchase.

3.2 You agree not to on-sell, profiteer or proliferate any photo or image which has been sold to you in good faith unless a purchased license allows it.

3.3 You agree to take full responsibility to ensure the purchased photo/s image/s is for its intended use only and not distributed or used by a third party to which you may have to forward it. eg. your graphic designer.

We recommend ensuring your graphic designer, publicist, advertiser etc is fully informed about your license agreement with Perth Photo & Image Library and the fact the photo or image is copyright.

3.4 Advertising and design agencies who may purchase a photo or image may only use that photo/image for one client and must repurchase to use for a second client etc. A business or person purchasing a photo/image from Perth Photo and Image Library cannot use the image for multiple clientele unless it gains written approval from Perth Photo and Image Library.

3.5 Any employee/ employer purchasing on behalf of a business or company takes full responsibility, along with the business or company, for protection of copyright of the purchased photo or image as per the license agreement. In the event an employee leaves the business or company that employee has no permission or right to use, distribute, crop, edit, sell or profit from that photo/image.


4.1 Emails: Perth Photo & Image Library respects your privacy and will not issue your email address to other parties without your written permission.

By emailing Perth Photo and Image Library you agree to receive return emails from our business, including updates on new images received which may be of interest to you.


5.1. Perth Photo and Image Library provides this service in good faith and accepts no responsibility/liability for mistakes made in the order process.

5.2 Perth Photo and Image Library try in good faith to provide quality images. We will negotiate a re-issue for any problems resulting from use of a photo that may be deemed defective in its composition. However, there will be no monetary refunds.

5.3 Perth Photo and Image Library accepts no responsibility or liability for discs carrying purchased photos being lost, damaged or delayed in the postage service.

5.4 All information on location etc. provided on the photos is done to the best of our knowledge and ability. Perth Photo & Image Library accepts no responsibility for any mistakes or misinformation arising out of publication of material on our website.

5.5 Purchasers agree to indemnify and not to hold Perth Photo and Image Library responsible for any legal action resulting from use of a photo/image.